The roof and guttering must be kept in a good condition to enable a property to remain
weatherproof. Ineffective covering can lead to expensive work to the underlying timbers and
any decorative finishes, which will deteriorate rapidly in damp conditions.
Different roof coverings have varying life spans. The materials used, the quality of the
workmanship and the exposure to the elements will all be contributing factors to the
effective life of the roof. There are some that last for a hundred years or more, while others
deteriorate after 40 years, some are only guaranteed for 20 years reliable cover. You may
only realise that a repair is needed on the roof when ceiling stains are noticed in a room
after rainfall. This indicates that water is leaking into the roof space. Always repair damage
as soon as possible to stop further rainfall damaging the fabric of the house.

Slate Roof
  • Checking the condition of a slate roof
  • Temporary repair to a cracked roofing slate
  • Removing a damaged slate
  • Repositioning a slate
  • Cutting slate to replace a broken slate
  • Replacing an area of slate roof

Tile Roof
  • Checking the condition of a tiled roof
  • Choosing tiles
  • Temporary repair to a cracked roofing tile
  • Removing a damaged tile
  • Repositioning a tile
  • Cutting a tile to replace a broken tile
  • Replacing an area of tiled roof
  • Replacing ridge or hip tiles

Felt Roof
  • Checking the condition of a felt roof
  • Repairing minor problems with a felt roof
  • Repairing large areas of a felt roof
  • Removing an old felt roof
  • Replacing a felt roof
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