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  1. Do you have a website ? 
    http:// E-mail
  2. How many affiliates do you have ? 

  3. Are you planning to join new affiliate programs? 

  4. If you are planning to have, which state is your first choice for an affiliate ? 

  5. What type of business do you have ? 

  6. How many years in business ?  

  7. How many employees do you have ? 

  8. Which type of affiliate business programs are you interested in participating from IndexTan sources
        (Check all that apply)
     Banking,Trading  Credit Cards
    Investment  Loans
     Real Estate Services    Business to business
     Network Marketing Productivity Tools
     Marketing - Office Employment
     Military Auction
    E-commerce solutions/providers Classifieds

  9. Of the following, what types of travel affiliate programs ?
        (Check all that apply)
     Personal Insurance  Accessories
     Cruise  Train
     Rental Car  Hotel,Vacation

  10. How did you find our web site? 

  11. While visiting our web site did you request a special information ? 

  12. Would you like to try even more types of affiliate programs ?
        (Check all that apply)
     Cosmetics/Fragrance  Handbags  Jewelry
     Shoes  Art  Music
     Photo  Cars & Trucks  Motorcycles - Parts & Accessories
     Tools and Supplies  Rentals  Discount Coupons
     Audio Books - Books - Magazines - News - Television - Videos/Movies  Children Clothing/Apparel  Men Clothing/Apparel
     Women Clothing/Apparel  Malls Clothing/Apparel  Computer & Electronics Computer HW - Computer Support - Computer SW - Consumer Electronics - Peripherals
     Education Children - College - Languages - Professional  Entertainment/ Memorabilia  Family Babies - Children - Entertainment - Teens - Weddings
     Food & Drinks Gourmet - Groceries - Restaurants - Tobacco - Wine & Spirits  Games & Toys Electronic Toys - Games - Toys  Gifts & Flowers Care Packages - Collectibles - Flowers - Gifts - Greeting Cards
     Health & Beauty Bath & Body - Cosmetics - Health Food - Nutritional Supplements - Pharmaceuticals - Self Help - Vision Care - Wellness  Home & Garden Bed & Bath - Construction - Furniture - Garden - Home Appliances - Kitchen - Pets - Real Estate - Utiliti  Insurance Commercial - Personal Insurance
     Legal Services  Medical Equipment  Phonecard Services Online/Wireless
     Recreation & Leisure Astrology - Betting/Gaming - Communities - Events - Matchmaking - New Age - Outdoors - Party Goods  Shops/Malls Virtual Malls  Sports & Fitness Exercise & Health - Professional Sports Organizations - Sports - WaterSports
     Web Services Advice - Banner ads - Domain Registrations - Email Marketing - Internet Service Providers - Intranets - Search Engine - Web Design - Web Hosting/Servers - Web Tools

  13. Why did you visit our Web Site?  

  14. How important is our web site's information for making your new affiliate programs ?  

  15. Would you like us to email you when we have special offers? 

  16. May we contact you later for a post-affiliate follow up survey? 

  17. If you answered "yes" to Questions 15 and/or 16, please include your email address:

  18. What is your gender? 

  19. How many affiliate can you handle? 

  20. How many websites do you own or manage ? 

  21. Which of the following best describes the highest level of education you have completed? 

  22. Where is your permanent residence? 

  23. What is your age? 

  24. What is your current marital status? 

  25. What is your household or company income? 

  26. What is your Zip/Postal code? 

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